Sunday, December 25, 2005


YAY!! Christmas is my favourite time of year and it onli last 4 a day. That suks ay. lol


Love Jaime

Friday, December 23, 2005

Hi From Me

Hello every1

i woke up and check hotmail.

and guess wat it was working YAY


I am so stupid

well i am tired so bibi

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Every 1

i hope you all have a great christmas.

I already have been given pressies. lol YAY

i got the coolest pj's (paul frank, i love him) and a wiked braclet from diva it is so cool

thx Jano and Lisa!!!

I love christmas it is just a happy time of year.

and i love the presents. I sound selfish but dosent evry1 lol

Hotmail wont work!!

I am on Hotmail. and i really need to go on but it wont work. It is annoying me so much. Really annoying me. ahh i am so annoyed

What to do??? (HELP ME!!)

I have a prob.

There is this guy ( i just finished primary school) who i have always kinda liked but he was my best friends bf for a while and now her ex and my other best friend likes him heaps bur he dont like her back. He asked me out?? What do i say?? I have no idea what to do. I really wanna say yes but they will hate me plz help.

thx Jaime

p.s. plz write comments

Girl On the Move

(My First Blog)

I am moving again. I am 13 and i have lived 9 houses. This time Liden Park. SA I call it the new adventure. Last time we lived at Cumberland Park SA, time before that Parkside. Thats just with my dad. With my mum we live in Blackwood. I miss all my old houses but like my new ones. I love moving but i think its coz i love change. Liden Park is so new to me but its cool. We onli moved in Tuesday so i dont no many ppl round here. Or my way around on the other hand.
I hope by my blogs you ppl out there will get to no me.

Thank you for reading my Very First Blog.

p.s. Read more, more coming